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Maintaining your kit & battery

How to maintain your ebike kit or complete electric bikes

200-500w- approx every 3500-4000km change the gearbox grease.
650-1200w- approx every 1500-2000km change the gearbox grease.
Keep the chain + gears clean & lubed every 3-500km for best results.
Check the nuts & bolts are still nice and tight every once in a while.

How to maintain your battery LiFePO4 & Lithium family systems.

DOD (Depth of discharge)
If you want the maximum recharge cycles your battery can do then only discharge the battery 80% DOD and this
will ensure your battery health stays good over longer periods, make sure to never leave any battery in its
discharged state as this can damage the cells internally if the voltage is left too low.
These battery systems have NO memory effect so you can charge them at any point during the discharge cycle.
With BMS (Battery Monitoring System) The battery will cut out the power when the volts is at the minimum, this
protects against over-discharge, however you must still charge it once this cut-out occurs. You need only charge
the battery after each full discharge use and the BMS will take care of the battery for you.
Without BMS just means you MUST make sure you stop use of your battery once the RED warning led light on your ebikes
throttle comes on, By doing this the battery cells will not go below the minimum voltage, Always charge the
battery after full discharge ASAP to ensure long life cycles.
Always unplug your battery if it’s not in use for long periods (eg: 3 days+) as all electrics will have a standby drain.
If a battery is left plugged in it can drain the cells in a matter of 5-10 days below the minimum voltage and may
damage the cells.

Chargers for battery systems

Looking after your charger is easy, just make sure its set to 220/230 or 240 Volts in Australia.
Our 5 Stage chargers are intelligent and will charge your battery without you doing anything after it’s plugged
in and turned on.
You need only come back in a few hours and unplug your now fully charged battery and turn the charger off,
we recommend not leaving any type of charger plugged into a battery more than 24 hours just to be safe.
Do not leave a charger turned on if no battery is being charged just to be safe again.

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