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Electric Bikes DIY Kits & LiFePO4 Batteries
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Warranty Policy
Warranty Policy
12 months warranty on:
1. LiFePO4 battery 13/15C systems cylindrical cell types.
2. Electric bicycle motors with internal controllers & gearbox.
90 Days warranty on:
1. LiFePO4 battery chargers.
2. LiFePO4 B.M.S. (Battery monitoring system)
3. Twist grip throttles all model electric bike kits.
4. Bicycles, Tricycles
To prevent voiding of warranty please be aware of:
1. Please do not leave the electric bicycle or LiFePO4 battery system out in  the weather or ride in rain to avoid any water damage ocurring.
   (you can water-proof the motor 99% with silicon)
2. If origainal wiring or plugs are changed in any manor.
3. If battery is charged with incorrect charger.
4. If battery systems are dropped or involved in a crash.
5. If battery is short circuited in any manner.
6. Do NOT over-disharge battery below 2.5v per cell
7. Do NOT leave battery in discharged state...always charge after use
8. If fuse is blown from incorrect usage on items (eg: battery chargers)
9. if External controllers are overloaded by mis-use.

No warranty on these items:
1. Bikes accessories (eg: racks, seats, tools etc)
2. Freebie items such as free chargers with battery systems.
warranty claims procedure:
1. Customer must use a qualified technition to diagnose the faulty part(s) to be repaired.
2. Customer must send back with post costs at customers expense to & from only the part(s) at fault to be repaired/replaced.
3. If the returned item(s) is found to be in working condition a $65 fee will be incurred to the customer.
1. Refunds can only happen within 7 days of purchase date (-18% re-stocking fees)
2. postage non-refundable
3. MUST be in perfect condition and never installed on a bike

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