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Installation stage 2 kit

Ebike Installation Stage 2 Kits

200w-500w 650w-1200w Dual 1000w-1500w motors

How to install your D.I.Y. ebike kit



Step 1...get a bike!


Step 2...put the motor mount on the angle

tube in front of the pedals.


Step 3...tighten the 4 bolts once in alignment.


Step 4...use 14mm socket or 10mm allen key

to undo the bolts on the cranks.


Step 5...use a crank remover tool and remove

the pedal crank.


Step 6...replace the crank with the new crank

from your ebike kit.


Step 7...put the pedal back on.


Step 8...remove the chain wheel crank set

same as before in steps 4/5.


Step 9...replace the old chain wheel with the new

1 from the ebike kit.


Step 10...tighten the 2 grub screws under the



Step 11...now add the chain quite loose.


Step 12...pull the zip tie with spring on tight

Til it gets the chain tensioned as above.


This is how it will look.


Step 13...now tighten the 2 grub screws above the



200-500w ebike kit end result.


1000w 48v kit end result


Dual 1000w 48v motors kit end result.

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