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Electric Bikes DIY Kits & LiFePO4 Batteries
Chain Drive ebike upto 20 Speeds

Electric Bicycle Kit: More Smiles Per Mile : There are somethings in the world which can bring the whole world to you. And then there are things which can take you to the whole world. An electric bicycle is the latest revolution which can take you on a joy ride to some of the most fascinating places on earth. Its portable design helps you to carry it with you wherever you go and with the help of electric bicycle kit you can assemble the bike in virtually no time. Read More »

E bikes: Breathe in the Fresh Air : Fossil fuels have damaged the environment beyond repair. However there is still some hope left and concrete action taken in this step can restore normalcy. One of the biggest innovation in the field of technology are e bikes which provide a clean source of transportation and will surely play a big hand in achieving a synergy between technology and environment. All that is required is to create an awareness for these vehicles. Read More »

Electric bicycle: Enjoy the responsibility : The threat of global warming looms large over the face of earth and is attracting war scale measures from various quarters. However there is also a unique way of fighting global warming which is really fun filled. The electric bicycle has emerged as a suitable alternative to traditional vehicles and can help you to reduce your carbon footprints while you enjoy a joyful ride through the beautiful countryside! Read More »

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